We love what we do and are very proud of our incomparable, astounding and awesome "Dream Trips of A Lifetime" that we produce for Nashville Record Labels and Country Format Radio Stations.

In 1981, I created and designed our "Dream Trips of a Lifetime" so that if I won, the trip would be hip enough for me to go on, and that if my Mom won that I would even trust the Trip Hosts to take care of her.  In the past 43 years, we have been blessed to give so many thousands of great contest winners, a start to finish magic carpet ride that when each event is completed virtually every guest has said it really was the "Dream Trip of a Lifetime".

It's all about love, and showing people how special they are: bringing individuals together and creating a group of best friends.  From the congratulations call by J.D. to each trip winner, our Comprehensive Trip Winner Kit detailing every virtual facet of the Journey, Meeting everyone at the Airport... the Best Rooms with the Best Views at the Best Hotels... the Best Seats... the Best of Everything... taking care of all the Winners Special Needs... 43 years of helping others reach their dreams has blessed us with some great friends in high (and low) places!